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our goal

It's surprising that there isn't a dedicated full-service bar for queer women in Los Angeles at the moment. With your support, our goal is to sell out the entire Queer Koalas collection and use the profits to create a lesbian cafe and bar in Los Angeles, California where ALL ARE WELCOME AND FEEL SAFE.

All Queer Koalas are handmade with love one at a time by Kelly Perez.

Astronaut Koala

Historical Inequalities

Throughout history, women have faced disparities in accessing bank accounts, investment opportunities, and fair wages. However, women and individuals across the gender spectrum deserve safe environments to connect and develop their communities. This is where Queer Koalas step in – offering a fresh approach to crowdfunding and involving the LGBTQIA+ community in NFTs and web3 initiatives.

The Vision

A cafe by day and bar by night that centers women and the LGBTQIA+ community, creating safety and inclusion for all. By introducing innovative crowdfunding business models the space will guarantee affordable beverages so that no-one is ever excluded on the basis of financial means. A space that promotes empowerment and connection that goes beyond drinking and hookups.

The plan

Phase 1
Sell Out

Create and sell out the entire 10,000 NFT collection. Sale starts 5/22/2024

The plan

Phase 2
Open Bar Cafe

Use the profits to open up a lesbian bar and cafe in approximately 6 months-1 year.

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The plan

Phase 3
Queer Cartoons

Leverage Queer Koalas to diversify queer cartoon and film intellectual properties.

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The plan

Back up
Donate Profits

In case the collection does not sell out within a year, a public ledger and vote will determine the destination of the profits.

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Queer Koala

cutie collection

Tiers selection


cutie tiers

cutie TIERS

CUTIES all come with solid fur colors and big personalities. They make up half the collection and are purposefully priced to be affordable enough to reach our funding goals.


NFT Collections




6 Sec Animated Videos

Bank & Credit Cards Accepted

Additional payment solutions

klarnacrypto com
how it works


Queer Koala NFTS are a digital painting that you own exclusively. It's the Mona Lisa as a digital file. After your purchase, a certificate of ownership gets posted online in the Polygon blockchain. You now own an NFT and the money you paid goes directly towards opening up a lesbian bar and cafe in Los Angeles, California. You can easily view and do lots of fun things with your Queer Koala NFT on Crossmint.com

Environmental Impact

Selecting an eco-friendly platform is crucial, which is why we have opted for the Polygon blockchain a scalable, environmentally friendly blockchain built on Ethereum and trusted by industry leaders.

More information available: polygon.technology/sustainability

How it works

Step 1
Select your tier

Choose between Cuties, Hotties, Rare, Super Rare or the Alchemist tier.

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How it works

Step 2
Select your Category

Have fun selecting from celestial zodiacs, hipsters to daring baddies, alluring kinks, sports, PRIDE flags, and many more fun categories.

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How it works

Step 3
Purchase your NFT

Pay with one of our easy breezy paying options, including breaking up your payments with Klarna.

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How it works

Step 4
Share on Social Media

Help us spread the word so we can sell out and open up the lesbian bar and cafe!

  • All NFT owners will have the opportunity to engrave their names on a plaque to be displayed inside the Lesbian Bar and Cafe, honoring their contributions.

  • Monthly raffles where NFT owners are automatically entered.

  • Birthday table for up to 6 people with reservation.

  • Exclusive VIP access to Queer Koalas special events.

    • Looking for Friends
    • Meet-Ups & Events
    • Single and Ready to Mingle
    • Therapy resources for LGBTQIA+ folks
    • LGBTQIA + Entrepreneurs
  • Exclusive opportunities to host your own event at the Lesbian Bar and Cafe.

  • One of a kind limited edition Queer Koalas merchandise.

  • Live Q & A monthly sessions.

  • One scheduled online meeting with Kelly Perez for Life and Career coaching.

  • Rare, Super Rare & Alchemist owners have guaranteed entrance to the bar with up to 2 guests.

  • Fun surprises.....

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Kelly perez name

(Lesbian, She/Her)

Leo Sun, Scorpio Rising, Virgo Moon

Transformation is essential and so are our social landscapes. Women are half the population and deserve to take up space and see themselves represented equally.

Kelly perez


Kelly is a social butterfly with diverse interest and expertise. She's won an Emmy as an Animation Supervisor for Dreamwork's All Hail King Julien show. She was the first female visual artist to ever partner with McDonald's for their Ritmo y Color LatinX campaign.

She's also worked with Google, Truly LA, Häagen-Dazs, Latin Grammy, Netflix Animation, Fred Segal, Planter's Peanuts and many more brands on a variety of animation and large scale creative direction projects.

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Daniela Granadillo



Daniela Granadillo

Daniela offers the perfect balance of expertise in After Effects and current trends in the Art world. Her technical skills plus her experience producing content with the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami provides insight into the unique needs and trends of the art world.

Roopali Mehta

Finance Specialist


Roopali Mehta

14+ years experience in finance & operations leadership. Holds expertise in financial management, forecasting, HR processes, and business strategic decision support through actionable insights & analysis.

Angelica Castellanos

Hospitality Specialist


Angelica Castellanos

Angelica is a seasoned business consultant and licensed real estate agent & finance broker with experience working in for-profit and nonprofit sectors.Angelica consults on the full life-cycle of business operations in the city of Los Angeles, including many LGBTQ+ owned & led brands.

Nikki Guevara

Legal General Counsel


Nikki Guevara

Nikki possesses over 25 years of legal expertise in Intellectual Property law and business. She is currently dedicated to aiding artificial intelligence initiatives and supporting the queer artistic community.


Join the movement!

Let’s get loud, make some noise on social media, unite as a community and show the world what the LGBTQIA+ community can create together. If we sell out the collection, we can open up a Lesbian bar and cafe in 6 months, let’s get it!

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with us

Queer Koalas love making new friends. Stay connected to track our journey towards opening up a Lesbian bar and cafe, and don't hesitate to send us a friendly message if you wish to get in touch.

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go fund me

If you would like to support the Queer Koalas project directly, please use the "Go Fund Me" link.

For corporate donations, we’ve partnered with Queer 26 Non-Profit to offer tax deductible donations. Please utilize the "Non-Profit" link.

Your donations will support the employment of inclusive BIPOC/WOC and gender non-conforming individuals to advance this project. Thank you for your donations.

reviews text
John Erickson

Queer Koalas is an important project that speaks to the needs of the community and rallying together for a common cause. Its success is a true testament to the success of our world coming together for a better world.

John Erickson

Mayor of West Hollywood

Bri Giger

Kelly embodies more than just an artist; her creations are a testament to the vibrant tapestry of queer expression in Los Angeles. Not only does she grace our city with breathtaking art, but she also nurtures creativity throughout the community. Her vision holds a place for a fresh chapter, a new dawn atop the foundations of lesbian culture we've all been waiting for!

Bri Giger

Comedian / Entertainer

Lily Brown

Kelly is a friend of mine who I’ve known for many years and who has my trust. She’s an incredibly talented artist, and I’m so glad she’s using her creative ideas for the queer community.

Lily Brown

Digital Creator / Queer Field Day

Cheetah Cowboy

Kelly Perez is one of the most talented and creative artists in web3. There’s no doubt she’s got the skills, talent, leadership and community to make this a super successful project!

Cheetah Cowboy

BAYC #6307

Morgan “Good Boy”

Queer Koalas is the project LA needs! Can’t wait to see the community rally for a common cause.

Morgan “Good Boy”

Hawtmess Productions

Sara-Olivia Granberger

Kelly’s determination, passion and dedication to uplift and bring the queer community together through the magic of art is inspiring and healing. Her vision for the Queer Koalas project not only shows her talent and entrepreneurship as an artist but it also highlights the pureness of her heart. Wanting to find creatives and innovative ways to support and build more safe spaces for our community is golden and something I am happy to support. I can’t wait to see what else Kelly will accomplish.

Sara-Olivia Granberger

Owner Hairrari LA

Hannah Hewes-Clark

The Queer Koalas project is a beacon for community building, uplifting women and queer economic power, and shining beauty of queerness out into the world through art! The cafe and bar is going to be full of positive vibes and amazing people.

Hannah Hewes-Clark


kink neon yellow koala


Why a Lesbian bar & cafe?

California has the largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender population in the US—2.7 million. Despite this, Los Angeles to this day does not have even one full-service lesbian bar currently open. Queer women deserve representation in commercial spaces.


Do I need crypto knowledge to purchase?

Nope. Buying is super easy, we are using Crossmint for checkout so you can use your credit cards, bank information, Google Pay, Apple Pay or Klarna for installment payments. Crossmint converts your regular money into cryptocurrency, Polygon, in the background to make the purchase easy so you don’t have to take any extra steps.More information at Crossmint.com


Where will the bar & cafe be located?

Safety and ample space are crucial factors. Potential locations include West Hollywood, Mid City to Highland Park.


Where does the money go?

Purchases get converted from crypto into USD and put into an untouched savings account. If the NFTs don’t sell out after approximately 1 year, a public ledger of expenses and profits will be made available. Afterwards a public vote will decide which LGBTQIA+ initiative will receive the profits.


$5 Beverage options 24/7?

Yes, since the space will be community funded by the NFT project we won’t owe a large sum of money to a bank and can offer affordable beverage options. Grab a Queer Koala today and enjoy $5 beverage options forever :)


Can I use my Queer Koala NFT for my business?

Yes, but prior to any usage, all businesses need written approval from the Queer Koalas team. We love to support any entrepreneurs. Think BIG and let us know how we can help your business. Example: Yoga Queer Koalas used on a studio’s website.


Are Queer Koalas kid friendly?

Yes, Queer Koalas are PG and serve as a great introduction for children to animation and LGBTQIA+ activism.


Can I make a custom Queer Koala of me or my brand?

Yes, custom Queer Koalas can be created. Please send us a message and we can make it happen.

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